Unknown Map


Price £80000
Rarity Rare
Danger Potentially Dangerous
Mystery Strange

Are you a treasure hunter? An avid explorer of mysteries? A worshipper of the unknown? If the answer to any or all of these is yes, then we have the ideal item for you. These maps were discovered along with a set of several otherwordly objects in a tomb in North America. The maps themselves do not show any anomolous properties with our usual testing, but may lead you to discover untold wealth or artefacts of unusual power.
Set up your own expedition, or for a modest price we'll help set one up for you. Be the first to discover where this map leads to and what treasures and secrets it holds.

Equipment Needed

Safety Precautions
Unknown. Other items discovered alongside this map were technologically superior.

Shipping Method
The original item will be sent to you in a pressurized, waterproof container to prevent damage.

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