The Impossible Lizard

The rarest of reptiles

Price £5,000,000 Experience
Rarity Unique
Danger Safe
Mystery Bizarre

The Quarry

The Adventure
At Marshall, Carter & Dark, we pride ourselves on being purveyors of the unknown, but we know that for the wealthiest and most adventurous of our clients, this is simply not enough. Fortunately, in our continuous efforts to bring the most exotic experience possible, we have discovered the perfect and most exotic Adventure! for such daring and ambitious. So exotic, in fact, nobody knew it even existed until seven years ago, much less ever captured it! This beast has something for every taste! Whether your hobby happens to be biology, game hunting, or simply providing a wild new experience for the man who’s seen it all, we’re confident all will enjoy the hunt.

You will be hunting a truly one-of-a-kind, virulent, and elusive species of reptile. You will meet our pilot at a nearby airport of our choosing, then taken to our luxury lodging ~75km from the hunt site. Once you feel adequately prepared, your tour guide, a former Marine uniquely qualified for this hunt, will lead you from our lodging to the only confirmed breeding ground- known only to us and very few others. Your prey will be approximately half the size and shape a komodo dragon in maturity, very fleet-of-foot, very evasive, extremely acute in sensory perception, and effectively invisible. This hunt is nonetheless perfectly safe; we will provide the unique equipment for this even more unique prey, and it will retreat if at all possible, lunging and attempting to inject its psychedelic venom as a last resort. Try not to let this happen during your expedition, however, as the venom serves as both incapacitator and amnesiac. Due to our no-refunds policy, we would rather our clients not squander any opportunity.

Equipment Needed1
-infrared goggles, as the prey’s skin reflects this wavelength
-smoke grenades2
-Red Epic cameras, modified for forehead mounting with lens filters designed to detect strictly infrared wavelengths
-up to three civilian-legal munitions of your choice, sold to you3
-a custom-tailored US Army Special Ops stealth suit

Safety Precautions

Booking for this Adventure! must be made in-person with Mr. Marshall at our London central office. Please allow three to five months for us to procure the necessary equipment, transportation and guide.

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For all legal, tax, and otherwise official purposes, Marshall, Carter & Dark ltd. does not exist. As we do not exist, we cannot be held liable for any accidental or intentional injury or death, nor can any recourse be pursued against a non-existent entity. By purchasing this Adventure!, you hereby implicitly admit that any and all effects associated with causes originating from Marshall, Carter and Dark ltd. are strictly a result of your own psychosis and all sensory stimuli associated with causes originating from Marshall, Carter and Dark ltd. are purely hallucinatory in nature.                                                

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