Rarity Rare
Danger Safe
Mystery Odd

The Safat is a six winged bird of prey, of the family Accipitridae. It is the only known species of bird to remain in flight its entire life. Its six wings, 5 metre wingspan, and extremely light weight, allow it to remain aloft under all conditions. During its sleep cycle, this bird climbs to an altitude unmatched by other birds, where the high winds keep it at a steady height.
The Safat mates in the air and the female incubates the egg inside her body for five weeks before flying up to a high altitude and birthing the egg. The young must break out of the egg and immediately begin flying before the egg hits the floor. The pieces of egg shell that drop to the ground are highly prized amongst shamans as they bring visions when eaten. These visions are often prophetic but inevitably cause madness in those who ingest them.
The Safat is not known to attack humans, living mainly off larger birds such as vultures and buzzards. It has been known to take sheep, goats and even small cattle. The young of the Safat eat smaller birds, but since they begin flying at a low altitude, they themselves are occasionally prey for other carnivorous birds, despite their large size.

Equipment Needed
Since this bird never lands, a hunt for this animal must be an aerial one. This may involve significant cost in helicopters, aeroplanes or balloons. It has been suggested by previous hunters that catching this bird is like catching a fish by swimming after it and grabbing it; and that to have a hope of catching it you may have to bait and hook a series of kites or balloons and try to reel the Safat down to the ground before netting it.

Safety Precautions
No special safety precautions needed.

This animal has never been caught alive before, therefore there is significant prestige and monetary reward for its capture. The egg shell fragments are also considerably valuable due to their unusual properties.

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