Rowan Switch

The Rowan Switch

Price £25000
Rarity Uncommon
Danger Potentially Dangerous
Mystery Odd

Made specifically for those members of Marshall, Carter & Dark who like to keep their lackeys in line, this beautiful wooden riding crop has unique properties that have seen it become one of the most sought after items amongst the connoisseurs of pain. This exquisitely presented item is both tough and flexible. Built to withstand extremely hard impact, this item can deliver blows far exceeding those of other models of switch. The Rowan Switch, in addition to its beauty and fortitude, has one other property that makes it quite remarkable: the pain induced by a beating with this item is proportional to the guilt felt by the receiver of the blows - making this an ideal tool to root out the unfaithful and uncertain amongst your employees and followers.
The cunning consumer will immediately think of dozens of uses to put this astounding device, from a mainstay of S&M dungeons, to a device for checking on a cheating spouse - this device can be used to deliver sweet endurable agony or to discharge summary justice.
Order one today and be both envied and feared.

Equipment Needed
No specialist equipment needed.

Safety Precautions
May cause the death of the victim if they are especially self-loathing. Devout catholics appear to be particularly susceptible to this.

Shipping Method
This delightful piece of equipment will be hand delivered to you in a fine mahogany and crystal display box, velvet lined and presented in a sumptuous, regal fashion.

Customer Reviews
Lord T of Derbyshire says:
"I don't go anywhere without my Rowan Switch. I'm even pictured brandishing it in my latest portrait. The maids have all become used to me offering the occasional swipe at their backsides as they leave the room, and when one of them started screaming I discovered she'd been helping herself to the family silver."

His Emminence R of Lourdes says:
"I have had to return this item to Monsieurs Marshall, Carter & Dark following the deaths of several members of clergy. Self-flagellation with this device is not recommended - particularly if in the priesthood."

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