item:Ripper's Reflection

The Ripper's Reflection

Price £70000 Daily Rental + Additional £250000 Deposit in case of escape & rampage. Not available for sale.
Rarity Unique
Danger Hazardous
Mystery Strange

Jack the Ripper's reflection, caught especially for you and delivered in a handy pocket sized mirror. This item not only contains the visage of that dread psychopath, but also due to some strange phenomenon, has harnessed his rage. Should anyone catch the Ripper's gaze in the reflection, the feared killer is then free to interact physically with that person, inevitably ending up with that unlucky individual eviscerated and disembowelled. Please note that should the reflection see himself in another mirror or reflective surface, he is then free to move to that surface and remain there. The reflection appears to travel to the largest reflective surface available.

Equipment Needed
One large mirror.

Safety Precautions
Do not look into the mirror. Ensure that there are no other reflective surfaces of any kind around you if you should transfer the reflection to a larger mirror.

Shipping Method
The small hand mirror containing the reflection will be couriered to you in a beautiful velvet and suede box, password locked and biometrically sealed, if available.

Customer Reviews
Mr G from London writes:
I placed the reflection in my wife's bathroom mirror and went to a party with many witnesses. I returned later to find her dead. The police didn't suspect a thing! Excellent product, superb service and the insurance money more than covers the modest cost.

Mr F from New York writes:
A superb gag gift at parties! "Don't go into the bathroom, the ripper might get you…" "Sure, whatev….aarrggh!" I couldn't stop laughing. 10/10.

Mr C from Worcester writes:
Be careful if you open the box when it's just rained! When I did it the reflection jumped into the nearest puddle and escaped. There goes my deposit…

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