Ozenkadnook tiger

Ozenkadnook Tiger

Rarity Rare
Danger Potentially Dangerous
Mystery Odd

The Ozenkadnook Tiger was first photographed in 1964 by Rilla Martin in Southern Australia, however stories of this famous striped monster have been cropping up since 1880. Since then there have been few sightings of this beast. A photograph of a smaller, similar animal taken many years later was purported to be a fake by some and said to be a modern day Thylacine by others. The original photograph has come under a great deal of scrutiny and most are assured of its veracity. Should customers of Marshall, Carter & Dark undertake to search for this beast then Southwestern Victoria and southeastern South Australia, near Apsley, would be the best place to start your search.

Equipment Needed
Standard expedition and hunting equipment.

Safety Precautions
This animal may be extremely dangerous, however, due to the lack of sightings of it, it is likely that it is afraid of humans and will flee if sighted.

The body of this creature is no value to Marshall, Carter & Dark, however it may be of significant value to paleozoologists. Captured alive, this could bring a significant bounty.

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