Liquid Necrosis

Liquid Necrosis

Price £4000
Rarity Uncommon
Danger Hazardous
Mystery Mundane

From the alchemy department of Marshall, Carter & Dark comes what some have described as bottled rot. This small phial of oily liquid, when spread upon the skin of the victim causes the victim's flesh to slowly rot away over the period of between 2-4 weeks, depending on location applied. Death is certain, but not before a substantial period of unendurable agony. Unlike diseases that cause this effect, amputating the affected part does not help, but causes more suffering as the new amputee loses all hope.

Equipment Needed
Rubber gloves.

Safety Precautions
Do not let any of this touch your own skin. You are a valued customer and we don't want to lose you.

Shipping Method
Item will be couriered to you encased in safety gel and locked in a pin locked chest.

Customer Reviews
Mr Y of Beijing says:
"This is really effective stuff. I put some on the shorts of the opposing team's gymnast and he rotted from the outside in. Horrifying yet fascinating to watch. I couldn't help but keep visiting him in hospital and listen to his pain."

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