Hairy Hands

Cherrybrook Bridge - The Hairy Hands of Dartmoor

Rarity Uncommon
Danger Hazardous
Mystery Strange

On Carters Road, an old turnpike off the bleak barrens of Dartmoor, England, lies a little used stone bridge. Little used because the locals don't dare go near it. It is easy to see for a long way on this road, so the unprepared traveller may be driving at speed when approaching the bridge. This is often the last thing they do as a disembodied pair of hairy hands grips the wheel and runs their vehicle off the road and into the rocky verge below. This bridge has claimed many more lives than any other place on the already infamous moors. Some say the devil himself owns the bridge and runs off those who don't pay the toll in blood. Even motorcyclists and cyclists are not safe as the hairy hands grab their handlebars.
The picturesque village nearby has a haunted look among its populace as if a dreadful secret is shared amongst them. Even so, this is an ideal location for customers of Marshall, Carter & Dark to visit and perform their dark rituals of necessity, perhaps communing with toll collector himself.

Equipment Needed
A rugged vehicle.

Safety Precautions
Ensure airbags and seatbelts are secured. Seatbelts have a nasty habit of breaking and when was the last time you checked the canister in your airbags?

Customer Reviews
Mrs G of Berlin says:
"I'm sorry to say that my husband travelled here to attend a "meeting" with his secretary. All they found was the burned our wreckage of his car and two bodies. Both had had their hearts cut out."

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