Beast of Bodmin Moor

The Beast of Bodmin Moor

Price £ 2000 Experience
Rarity Rare
Danger Safe
Mystery Odd

The perfect Adventure! for the beginner to the world of the bizarre. You will stay at a 5 star hotel set in the heart of Cornwall and your guide, an expert in the beast and local to the area, will collect you and take you on the greatest hunting expedition of your life! Suitable for all the family you will be tracking this beast across it's favoured terrain, heather and gorse moors.
The beast itself appears to be nothing more than a previously unknown species of puma or wildcat, slightly larger than it's cousins. This beast, however, is some kind of temporal anomaly as at random periods of time it disappears, only to reappear back near its nest, whole and well. This effect occurs even if the beast is deceased at the time, making gathering of souvenirs from the body, or taxidermy, impossible. However, this also means that if you hunt him successfully the first day, you get to do it again!

Equipment Needed
All equipment will be provided for you, although due to Cornwall's uncertain weather, a raincoat might be needed.

Safety Precautions
Children should be supervised as the beast has been known to eat them.

Please phone before booking this Adventure! as dates during the Summer fill up fast.

Customer Reviews
Mr T from Basingstoke says:
This was my first foray into the supernatural. The hunt itself was mediocre, but I have done safaris in the past so maybe I'm biased. Watching the creature disappear though - it was like magic! I've never seen anything like it. This has got me fascinated and I'll definitely be saving up and going on more Adventures!

Mr S from Hong Kong says:
Whilst this was quite far to travel for an Adventure! myself and my family thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Although the guide's accent was quite hard to understand, he demonstrated his knowledge very well. To see my boy shoot down his very first supernatural beast was a touching moment. I recommend this to all fathers out there.

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