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Welcome to Marshall, Carter & Dark
Making the ungettable, gettable since 1808

This is Marshall, Carter & Dark's online catalogue bringing you the strange and macabre from around the world. Listed in this catalogue you will find objects of great power, dangerous beasts, locations of eldritch wonder, and even have the chance to discover your own wonders.

If you are new to the genre of unexplainable things, then we suggest an Adventure!. You will soon see that everything is not as it seems. If you are familiar with this genre then perhaps browse our catalogue of Exciting! curios and oddities. If you are an expert with these matters, then perhaps you can solve a Mystery! of items we haven't been able to fully explain (not for the faint hearted or inexperienced).

Perhaps you fancy yourself a hunter or explorer and want to go off the beaten track from our well-designed and completely safe Adventures! In which case, look up some locations in our Atlas or some legendary creature in our Bestiary and seek the thrill of the unknown.

This is a creative writing website dedicated to horror and humour and as such contains many dark and twisted articles. Do not enter this site if you are of a nervous disposition or if graphic horror is not your cup of tea.

This site is for entertainment and educational purposes only. None of the items presented in this site are real. None of them are for sale. Or rent. Don't ask.

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